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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Global Variables in the new SSIS packages


Got a question about SSIS. There doesn't seem to be a good equivalent to the Global Variables in old DTS in the new SSIS packages. Are you using some solution that you recommend? I know there is Win environment variables and xml config files, but these are not very friendly to move.


Ooooooo interesting question! I'll look but I'm willing to bet with it
being a .NET solution/project, you can probably put them in a bas file or
class file. Also, check the Package properties. Click the ... Button for
expressions. See if that helps. Being that it's a VS project and not a
MSSQL project, I'd assume listing variables like you would in VB.NET. I
recently starting thinking of SSIS in terms of VS instead of SQL. It really
opens the door to a lot of things. I'd written replication apps in VB6 with
the DMO. I know you can do the same in DTS. So that's where I'd start
looking. Its still encapsulated but pushed out of the IDE. I just added a
VB script to a project. I guess it could be called from a task I don't
have regular VS.NET on this server or my machine, but I know I should be able to add a bas or cls to a project. I'll look further and let you know
what I find!


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